Artist Statement:

As far as I could remember, I always remember having a camera by my side, finding joy in sharing photos I’ve taken with friends and family. As a devoted mother of four, I understand the special bond between mother and baby, parents and children. My passion is in those special rare moments right after birth, and in memorializing the early years of life. We can’t freeze time, so being able to capture moments and look back on them is as close as it gets.

Mayra was born and raised in San Jose, California. A first-generation US citizen, her mother came here at a young age to live the American dream. Mayra’s life took a major turn when she got pregnant at 16 and had her first daughter while in high school. She fought to graduate and receive a diploma, in spite of resistance from school administrators who didn’t want other kids seeing her as a teen mother. 

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At age 21, Mayra found herself a single mother, raising two kids, renting an apartment in Gilroy for affordability, and commuting to a job at social service nonprofit in San Jose. She would skip meals herself to make sure the kids were fed. Grit and sacrifice defined Mayra’s early life, but today, Mayra is married with four children total, and is grateful to be a professional photographer. 

Mayra loves photography and specializes in newborn photo shoots to help families memorialize that special time. She has taken numerous photo positioning and editing courses, and graduated the Newborn Posing Workshop by renowned photographer, Captured by Claudia. She designed and built a dedicated in-home studio. In 2018, Mayra won the County of Santa Clara Office of Women’s Policy Phenomenal Woman Award.

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